Website and social media: What should small businesses focus on

June 30, 2021

Website and social media

Nowadays, the online presence is the heart of your business. Hence, websites and social media are the most important for business growth. But if you are not an expert in that field, how to make sure you are making the right choices?

Social media and business have been together since the advent of social media, but so have websites. Now that the digital world is becoming more prominent, all businesses need to ask themselves a simple question. Should they invest in a website, or should they stick to using social media channels?

Difference between website and social media

Before investing in your business going online, make sure you focus on the most suitable tool for your business. That means, start by choosing between website and social media. Which one brings a bigger value to your business?

The opportunities and challenges the use of social media brings

  • Social media is free / Social media is free for everybody

On the one hand, social media is free. This can be seen as a huge help for small businesses. Unfortunately, as social media is free, it means that everyone can use it. This can lead to your voice being lost in the shuffle.

It takes a lot of practice or a lot of money to make your mark on social media. Even with social media, you may still find yourself looking for a site to write content or write an essay for cheap. You will need great content also for your social media and either for your website.

  • There are a wide variety of social media channels / There can be too many

If you decide to go for social media over a website, then which one do you choose? Having several channels to choose from is a good thing, but it is also a bad one. Which one do you choose? It depends on who your audience is.

Choosing social media means you have to do some market research to choose correctly. It can be a more complicated process than just choosing to create a website. Each form of social media is very different.

  • Social media gives you instant communication / There can be too much communication

Many small businesses use social media as a means of communication. In this age of greater online interactivity, many people now see social media websites to get more in touch with their customer base.

Using social media will give you a way to stay in very close touch with customers and prospects. This can look good to outsiders, but there are downsides. Lots of communication can be difficult to get through. It can lead to you missing important messages because you don’t see them.

  • You can use various social media at the same time / It can get very complicated

There are different types of social media. You can use more than one for your small business, and therefore reach more people. If you have two different age sets in your audience, you can use a social media channel that appeals to each group separately.

Unfortunately, using multiple channels can get complicated. How do you keep everything straight? How do you always make sure that everything goes in its rightful place? Using a website would at least mean that there was only one space for everything.

  • Social media has clearly defined limits / Social media can only do certain things

If you have a social media page for your website, you will know what it can do. Many people turn to social media sites because they know the limits of what they can do. For example, Twitter lets you write messages of 240 characters each. It’s good to have something where you always know exactly what you can do.

However, that is also a problem. A Twitter account is very useful, but what if you need more than 240 characters? It can be very limiting for a small business to get started.

The opportunities and challenges that having a website brings

  • A website is as good as you can pay for / A good website costs money

One of the pros of social media is that it doesn’t cost anything. Using advertising, SEO, or another form of promotion would cost money, but social media itself does not. Similarly, you can make a website yourself for free, but that doesn’t make it a good one.

Yes, it will do what you want and need it to do, but will it do well? You need to go to a professional for good website design, and that can be costly. A website is only as good as the money you pay for it.

  • A website can be a lot more functional / It needs to have functions built into it.

A website is a huge step up compared to the simplicity of social media. A website can do anything you might want it to do – potentially much more than any social media site, and that is why it’s important that small businesses have a website. You can use these types of websites to bring everything together in one place. They are easy to control and supervise.

When comparing website vs social media, choosing a website means you have to build and include these features. You won’t immediately get something that will do what you need it to do. It’s not like a social media site that has already been built and coded.

  • A website means that you can have a dedicated communications page / There is no way of immediately replying

Websites can be designed so that people can send emails and other communications to you. This means that you will immediately know what people are saying and what they want. There is a drawback, however, in that you can’t effectively answer them. Instead, you will need to email them back. In these cases, you might as well have a simple email address.

More recent websites have fixed this problem with a live chat function, which is why you need a website, in many people’s minds. It gives you a social media function on a website.

  • You can have customer reviews on your site / It is still a one-way system

You can use your website to have customer reviews available. Just prompt customers to leave a review at a certain point during their transaction, and you’re done! Social media also allows people to leave reviews. It also lets people speak to each other about their reviews. The functionality is much better because it builds on the existing functions of that particular social media channel.

  • Both need to be constantly maintained, but a site less than social media

The biggest difference between a website and social media is that social media needs constant attention. Yes, you can’t risk your website becoming outdated, but social media is much worse. It would be best to look at it every day, update it every day, answer questions every day. It‘s a lot of work, much more than a website.


The ultimate answer to the question of the differences between a website and social media is it depends. Every business is different, and every approach is different. For some people, a website works best. Others will find that social media is best. Luckily, by being aware of the pros and cons for both, this article will help you decide which ones are more suitable for you.

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