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Lesson 1: What is Enterprise League

May 05, 2020

Meet Kabel Net

    Kabel Net is a company just like yours that recently joined Enterprise League. 

    Kabel Net had the need to create its online payment system. It shared a business tender and got several responses. 

    Here you will understand a bit more about how Enterprise League helped them find their perfect solution and how it can help your company as well. 


    What is Enterprise League

    Enterprise League brings companies together. It helps companies connect and collaborate as easily online as they do in person. It is designed to help support businesses in the way they make business collaborations, find partnerships and close deals.

    Kabel Net is learning that Enterprise League is the business collaboration platform where the right companies are and business deals are being found. Business collaboration on Enterprise League happens through tenders and instant communication, where relevant information is shared and companies can speed up their actions. It effectively removes the barrier between countries and eases the reachability of decision-makers imposed by hard-to-find contact details and borders. 

    Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Enterprise League has an easy-to-use interface that’s intuitive to our members. 

    How do companies get on board?

    Create your company page: Every company sees your company page, which is why it is the most important step to your EL experience.

    Fill out the information about what your company is about, what you offer, and what you are looking for: Other companies will be able to see if there is a window of business opportunity and will be more keen to contact you for a collaboration. If it applies to your company, include any licenses and certifications that show your company’s qualifications.

    Find everything in the feed: you can see all activity on the platform. This is where you can find business tenders and bid on them.

    Find what you need with Explore: Designed to help you find exactly what you need. Whether a company, a product or a post on a topic you’re interested in, explore will find it for you. Use filters like location, category, and keyword to ensure your perfect match appears in the search results. If you need a supplier, an outsourcing company or someone from your niche to exchange experiences with? Try explore and experience its power.

    Create your company page. Discover opportunities. Seize businesses deals.

    Lesson 2: Set up your company page

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