The POWERFUL Tool to MANAGE Business Risk and Turn It into PROFIT

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what is risk management and why is it important
Every company around the globe is faced with some form of risk. That risk might affect the chance of building a successful company. Not only that, but even successful companies are affected by that. See what is happening with Boeing. After two crashes in the last six months, many governments around the globe, including the U.S. Government, grounded all of their planes. No one wants to be in their shoes at the moment.

As the world is spinning too fast, risks evolve at a higher speed. Therefore, each entrepreneur should try to manage the risks related to their business and adapt as quickly as possible. At this moment, the risk management process kicks-in. For the newcomers in the business world, the importance of risk management must be explained thoroughly. Consecutively, questions like “what is risk management” and “why is it important” must be answered.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is a process that involves analysing, understanding and addressing risks in an organisation. Thanks to this process, any company can quickly achieve their goals by predicting, preventing, and solving any problem that may come their way. However, without taking risks, there is no progress. It all comes down to the knowledge gathered about which risks can hurt your company, and which ones can make it grow.


“Without taking risks, there is no progress”

The Importance of Risk Management in an Organisation

The role of risk management includes positions such as health and safety professionals, engineers, insurance and financial managers. All these people work as a team. Their job consists of a lot of responsibilities such as:

Analysing the Market for Potential Risks

During the last decade, the global economy has stabilised. However, keeping a watchful eye on the market and predicting future downfalls is pretty vital, if you want to remain profitable. For instance, you are manufacturing plastics. Just like any other entrepreneur, you will buy the most reliable materials on the market. However, if you don’t pay enough attention, there is debate and a lot of support to bring a new law, that may prohibit the use of the same materials you bought. When such a legislation passes, and you missed to predict and adapt to it on time, you will be at a loss for sure. Additionally, analyse your competition. They can create a slightly better product, that may drive you out of business. Therefore, you must assess those risks and create a risk management strategy.


“Assess those risks and create a risk management strategy”

Investing in Newer Technology, Not to Fall Behind

Sometimes we all want to do things the old fashioned way. However, nowadays that gets old and unprofitable quickly. Imagine your company if you still used Windows 98 computers with dial-up internet speed and the Internet Explorer browser. That would be a recipe for disaster in today’s technologically advanced world. That’s why together with the financial and technology department,you should create a strategy on how to use the latest technology, to make production easier and more profitable. Sometimes, you’ll need to invest a lot of money into a machine, that will increase production by 800%, hence make you more money in the long run.

Implementing Safety and Health Regulations, so Potential Risks Are Avoided

When assessing the potential risk for your company depending on which industry you are in, there are different safety and health regulations. For instance, if your industry is in construction, there is a higher risk of injuries during work and by applying safety and health regulations, your workers will have better benefits and will be more motivated to do their job. On the other hand, if you fail to implement the required safety and health regulations, you will be exposed to financial risks, such as future lawsuits that cost a lot of money. This is the reason why risk management is so important. Always play by the rules, it is the only way to succeed.


“if you fail to implement the required safety and health regulations, you will be exposed to financial risks”

As an entrepreneur, you need to realise that sometimes taking chances in development for your company is good and failing is not so bad after all. The more opportunities you take, the more times you may fail. However from failure, you learn and can in return create a better strategy for your company. The purpose of risk management is to analyse every chance you take and calculate your chances of success – what is going to be profitable, what will do okay, whether that risk will earn you a lot of money or cause you to go bankrupt. Business risk management is here to make things easier for you. For that reason, if you want to grow as a company invest in your organisational risk management department.

Finally, the primary risk management function is to help companies like yours be more confident when making future decisions. When you possess the knowledge of the potential risks, you can go through many options on how to deal with future problems. The only risk that matters is the risk of not taking any risks.

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“The only risk that matters is the risk of not taking any risks.”

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