Why email marketing is an important part of successful marketing strategies

December 03, 2020

Why is email marketing important

We all receive marketing emails, cold emails included. We all sign up to our favourite brands. And, I don’t know about you, but I can’t resist a special offer or a discount code. 

For me then, there is no doubt about it, email marketing works. And if it works for the big brands, it can work for you and me.

I work at a digital marketing agency and email marketing is a key part of our marketing strategy. Why? Emails are a powerful, direct and personal way to connect with your customers, and they work. 

I know when I receive emails, I like them to be addressed to me personally and I want a relevant offer. Of course, the companies know what I like, what I browse and what I buy. They can hit the right spot and inspire loyalty.

In the same way, we all know which marketing emails work for us as customers, so the skill is adapting those successful tools to the emails that we send out.

Benefits of email marketing

More than half the world’s population was said to use email in 2019. That’s a lot of potential customers for a small business! Some say email isn’t the force it once was. My inbox says the opposite!

One of the benefits of email marketing is that it allows small businesses to punch above their weight. It’s a cost-effective way to reach new customers. Targeting the right people and converting them as customers – repeatedly – is what it’s all about.

If you’ve collated all the background data about your customers, you can message them in a personal and subtle way. It’s not all about making a sale every time, it’s about being there when the customer is ready to make that purchase. If you’ve created the perfect pitch they’ll know where you are when they need you.

It’s nonsense to say that email marketing has had its day and the benefits of email marketing are just too few. Be honest. Doesn’t everyone you know have an email address? They’ve probably got at least two or three. Even my Grandad who remains to be convinced about internet shopping has an email address – and that makes him a target for email marketing.

You may be a fan of social media marketing but, just remember, to sign up for a social media account you first need an email address. Yes, email is the bedrock, the foundation. Underestimate it at your peril.

The power of personalised email marketing

Optimizing email marketing starts with the need to have that personal touch. Address your customer by their first name, by all means, but personalisation is about more than just a name.

Why not remind the customer how much credit they have left in their account? If we are selling wine or beer, for example, and they have £80 in their account…it sounds like the drinks are on us. It’s a good lesson to keep it personal.

What’s the email marketing cost?

Not a lot, is the simple answer. It’s a low-cost high return compared with TV or newspaper advertising or direct mail. By the way, if you think email marketing is past its sell-by date when was the last time you received marketing material through the letterbox? And I bet it went straight in the recycling.

Using email marketing effectively

When your email communication lands it’s got to be timely and relevant, it’s got to be bright and have a call to action. Click-throughs must be easy to navigate and must work – first time. This is a psychological marketing tactic. Fall at this hurdle and the customer journey is lost.

The other key point to remember is that mobile is where it’s at. Quite simply, mobile devices have the reach in the digital marketplace. In 2019 63.4% of web page views were on mobile. Around 70% of people read their emails on a mobile app. Just think about that. If your website isn’t mobile-responsive you are behind the game. Update it. Now.

Email marketing metrics

Once you’ve targeted your customers with a personalised email the final, most important part, is to get your head under the bonnet and evaluate its success or otherwise. Measure the results, check the analytics, know your email marketing metrics.

It might sound boring but actually the stats provide a vital insight into the success of your business and where it’s going. It’s as important as knowing your finances.

Learn from your results. What worked? What didn’t? Both are equally important when it comes to improving your response rate. Has a customer unsubscribed from your mailing list? Hopefully, they will have given you valuable feedback on why. They might not want your emails anymore but they still love you enough to give you their opinion. Listen, learn and improve. You never know, they might come back.

At the end of all this, your business owns a valuable customer list. It’s yours, and it’s money in the bank. If your business relied solely on a particular social media platform for its customer base, a change of algorithm could mean your company disappears from view at a stroke and all your hard work is lost.

Email may be as old as the internet itself, but it is not out of date. In fact, with a bit of polish, it can be the sharpest tool in your marketing armoury.

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