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All your taxes. Done. | For the independents ⭐️


Accountable frees you from the hoops and hurdles of being independent by giving you the tools you need to pay your taxes and manage your business. Accountable helps you: - Prepare and submit all your tax obligations, stress-free, without any prior tax knowledge required. From VAT return to income tax: we got you covered. - Create, personalise, and send invoices for your clients on your phone or on your computer. We notify you as soon as you get paid. - Never lose a deductible expense again – just scan your receipt and we make sure it gets deducted from your taxes. You also get tailored tax tips and can match the expense with the relevant bank transaction. - Connect your bank account and get all your business payment automatically reconciled. See what you should set aside for taxes and what you can safely spend in real time. - Prepare your taxes yourself or share your data with your accountant. All your documents are ready for them in your account. - Our tax coaches can help you with all your questions. Just send us a message: support@accountable.eu

Founded 2017



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Brussels, Belgium