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Project Business Automation for project-driven business


Project Business is Everywhere. Whether you’re running projects for your customers or managing projects internally, if you have a project with a budget, you are managing a project business. Adeaca is the inventor of an entire new category of software solutions: Project Business Automation. Project Business Automation is about making enterprise software work for any company who considers projects an important component of their business. Whether you call them contracts, engagements, jobs, or anything else, if you deliver projects with a defined budget that are important to your company, you are engaging in project business. You need a software that supports your core project business needs. PBA delivers one integrated platform to run your project business from end-to-end. We are dedicated to solving the toughest challenges unique to project business. Project businesses can quickly outgrow the disparate applications and point solutions you normally use to manage your business. Your project complexity or the size of your company doesn’t fit into that incomplete toolset anymore. When Projects Matter to Your Business, You Need Project Business Automation. Why work for Adeaca? Adeaca is transforming the world of project business. Join Adeaca on our mission to transform project businesses around the world if you want to: • Work with innovators • Be a visionary • Work independently • Have an impact We are growing and looking for great individuals to help us change how project business gets done.

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