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Innovative nanotechnology applications.


World-Scale Challenges. Nano-scale Solutions. Advanced Material Development believes that the rapid advancement of applied material science is a critical route for helping solve some of the World's biggest environmental and societal challenges. AMD is a commercial enterprise that funds programmes of development and related research in materials nanotechnology which are judged to offer practicable, effective routes to licensed technology and know-how which in turn can be taken profitably to market through a variety of commercial arrangements. AMD aims to advance this materials research to commercial success and beyond and to continue delivering a funding pipeline to the best university departments in the UK. AMD’s initial partnership with the University of Sussex Material Physics department will focus on 3-4 projects developing viable applications for many global challenges including packaging and food waste, transportation, healthcare and anti-counterfeiting. Professor Alan Dalton and his twenty strong team at the University of Sussex, is at the forefront of international efforts to understand and explore the fundamental nature and attributes of ‘two-dimensional’ nanomaterials such as graphene, and thereby provide some of the bridges to the multiplicity of potentially beneficial applications with far-reaching implications for the human challenges of global sustainability.

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