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Transform 2D images to 3D digital assets at scale. It's not magic, it's generative AI.


Alpha3D is a generative AI-powered platform that enables users to automatically transform 2D images of real-world objects into 3D digital assets. As mixed and augmented reality, are gaining more and more traction from consumers, innovative brands are taking the leap and meeting their customers where they are - on digital e-commerce platforms. The demand for 3D content has reached a new high. However, in reality, it's a very laborious, expensive, and time-consuming process - creating one digital asset can take a whole team weeks and thousands of dollars. At Alpha3D, we believe in an immersive digital future and it is our mission to make creating 3D content fast, easy, scalable, and accessible for everyone. We democratize creating 3D content so that we can all build the best future digital experiences together. Alpha3D enables users to easily create digital assets 10x cheaper in minutes, instead of days, with just a few clicks and no previous 3D modeling knowledge necessary. All you have to do is upload your 2D images to the Alpha3D app and let our AI take care of the rest. Compatible with any 3D environment, the digital assets are completely interactable and can be used in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Try-On (VTO), gaming, the Metaverse, or even as NFTs. Let's build the world of future digital experiences together. It's not magic, it's generative AI.

Founded 2018



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Tallinn, Estonia