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Amplitudo is a leading digital innovator in Montenegro, with an extensive track record in software development, implementation of ICT and IoT solutions, digital marketing and online promotion.The twelfth year of the new millennium was marked by our desire to format creative energies in the form of Amplitudo LLC.For us, this is not a company, but the way of life, a cycle that begins with the recruitment of people and ideas, in which they are trained and encouraged to be creative and imaginative, and ends with a range of products that shapes the imagination into functionality that ultimately changes the world around us.We started with simple process automation solutions that in 7 years lead to the creation of over 50 android and iOS applications, over 100 websites, 30 complex software solutions, and by 2019 we are finishing with the creation of the first Montenegrin hardware.Our partners are diverse and international. Our solutions are a locomotive for businesses in the digital era and our digital marketing kicks ass.We are entering an era of incubation and startup acceleration because the struggle to change the world starts with creative ideas. In the battle with the giants of established practices and monsters of analog, we enter with a lightsaber of innovation and a shield of ideas.


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Podgorica, Montenegro