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ara Design was established in 1996 by Andre Avedian and Harry Gregory, specializing in the global hospitality sector. We have since secured ourselves as being at the forefront of innovative and inspiring design, focusing on quality and integrity for top brand operators all over the world. From our regional offices in Europe, Middle East and Far East, we have completed interior design projects in more than 30 countries, which include 5-star hotels, resort spas, boutique hotels, restaurants and private residences. Our philosophy is to work in close collaboration with our clients and their teams so that every project provides a unique and fresh design with considered originality, incorporating an understanding of the culture, aesthetics and values of the country we are working in. This tailor-made approach ensures that our clients gain appreciative value to their establishments, affirming their corporate identities, and strengthening their brands. At ara Design, we employ an enviable international community of accomplished in-house designers who have gained their experience world-wide. Our studios are lively, buzzing and creative workplaces which nurture and encourage collaboration and the fluid exchange of skills and ideas. Each of our designers are multi-disciplined and client-facing, meaning that they are able to work on and connect with every aspect of the design process. We take great pride in our breadth of experience, and it is through exciting and creative solutions, delivered efficiently and economically that ara Design has become a global name in the hospitality sector. It is also why so many of our clients return to us time and again to work on further projects, and how personal recommendations have come to form an important part of our heritage.

Founded 1996



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