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Archimedes - UDSS LLC is a Bulgarian startup working on a universally applicable decision support system for irrigated farming. The technology underlying our prospective DSS has been tested and improved for more than 30 years on-field. So we regard our mission as to make this method we call IrriGATE (Globally Applicable TEchnology) available as end-user service for every irrigated crops grower worldwide. Founded in early March 2018, the Archimedes - UDSS company encompasses the core team behind the IrriGATE concept, combining scientific knowledge, management experience and farming expertise in a way that already proved winning: In less than half a year following our startup registration, it was awarded a funding contract under the Horizon 2020's SME Instrument. We are proud to be a part of the European Innovation Council pilot community and we are decided not to disappoint our partners who believed that Archimedes - UDSS would change the very way crop irrigation is done. Follow our development here and on our website at https://www.archimedes-udss.com/.

Founded 2018



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Sofia, Bulgaria

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