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Whilst we carry out a lot of web development for our clients, this only scratches the surface of what we can do. Many of our staff have experience in numerous industry sectors and have worked on industry leading software as well as government sites. Another area we get involved with is carrying out business analysis. This helps our clients better umderstand the opportunities available to them. Quite often this can be in operational areas or marketing and product led. Operationally, companies may be communicating verbally or passing information on paper. We can aid with identifying these areas and putting solutions in place to deliver it in a more timely and efficient manner, freeing staff to work in areas more beneficial to the company. The IIA carry out internal audits and also assist on preventing fraud. Another less well known area of their work is to assist companies in promoting best practice. As a complimentary activity to this, we can help you look at your internal processes and assist you in streamlining them, using a combination of services, workflows, applications, web services and your web site. We have developed scanning operations for companies and underpin some of our strategies by utilising this technology to help you become paperless and achieve sustainability goals.   


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Coventry, United Kingdom (UK)