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Asmodee was founded in 1995 and is an entertainment leader specialized in tabletop games. Our extensive catalog of games (Catan, Descent, Spot it!/Dobble, Ticket to Ride, Azul, Pendemic, Splendor, etc.) and distribution network (operating in 22 countries) allows us to create space so that every player can find a place at the game table. We’re a global team committed to bringing people together through great games and amazing stories. We strive to be an employer of choice by creating endless opportunities, promoting a supportive and inclusive culture, and rewarding success. We believe in PASSION, CREATIVITY, INTEGRITY, being DARING, CARING for each other, and TEAM PLAY! By joining one of our teams, you will be empowered to engage in meaningful, innovative, and unforgettable work and to give back to our communities! Asmodee is part of the Embracer Group and provides the joy of play in more than 50 countries as well as through online platforms (such as Boardgame Arena). Every day, more than 2500 team members across the world bring our purpose and team mindset to life!

Founded 1995



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Guyancourt, France