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Banuba is an artificial intelligence lab specializing in augmented reality SDK development. We bring the most immersive Face AR features into any app or website. Brands use our technology to delight consumers and increase purchases with innovative AR try-on features, easy to capture and share. Developers can boost engagement and user-generated content in your app with creative video editing tools tweaked specifically for mobile social media. KEY TECHNOLOGY - Face detection and tracking - Face AR animation and 3D graphic design - AI image and video processing - Background segmentation - Hand detection and tracking PRODUCTS We provide SDKs and software solutions aimed to revolutionalize the way people interact with the camera. 1. Face AR SDK. You can build amazing augmented reality apps with face filters, animation and beauty effects. 2. AI Video Editing SDK. You can empower users to create professional social videos without time-consuming editing. FEATURES - Face Filters & AR Lens - Virtual Try On - AR Makeup and Beautification - Background removal - Avatars and live emojis - Mobile video editing tools HOW WE HELP BRANDS We help people to self-express and connect creatively using AR, and we empower brands to grow sales with virtual try-on solutions for their NextGen consumers. TEAM 150+ amazing people. Developers, data scientists, creative minds and visionary leads — we're techno-optimists who believe in a better, AR-fueled tomorrow, one that we make happen today.

Founded 2016



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Nicosia, United Arab Emirates