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The Better Hiring Institute is an independent body designed to promote safer recruitment across all sectors.


In collaboration with the UK Government, The Better Hiring Institute exists to transform the UK labour market by bringing in a revolution in the way the UK hires staff. This supports the UK Government's aspiration for a modern agile labour market, that is built on strong foundations. We will initially be driving the post-COVID UK recovery by streamlining and modernising hiring across all sectors and industries. The absence of an overriding organisation setting standards for hiring across the UK means that there is no singular driving force for change to modernise the labour market by eliminating waste, inefficiency, and poor productivity across all sectors and industries. The Better Hiring Institute brings together the multitude of sector and industry specific best practices and trade body voices to drive real change across the UK. The vision is for a truly dynamic and modern labour market underpinned by digital technology, best practice, fairness, agility and flexibility, levelling the playing field in hiring, including tackling various recruitment fraud, which has increased during COVID. The Better Hiring Institute is the main source of information on innovation, themes trends and standards within UK hiring, providing advice to companies to enable them to recruit people safely, securely, quickly and in a consistent way.

Founded 2021




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