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#Biopesticide technology developer. #Biocontrol solutions for #Crop #pests #Horticulture, #Forestry & #Amenity.


Bionema is a leading biopesticide technology developer. We develop and provide chemical free, pest management solutions for the Horticulture, Turf & Amenity, Landscaping & Forestry, and Public Health sectors. With over 30 years' experience in research, development and commercialisation of biopesticides, we have a robust patent portfolio, and we have collected a library of more than a hundred commercially-viable microorganisms for pipeline candidates. Our formulation technologies can give biopesticides higher virulence, stability and spore yields, wider host ranges and higher kill rates. Our products include biopesticides, biostimulants, biofertilisers, efficacy boosters, biocides and pest monitoring traps. If you are interested in using these products, talk to one of our experts about the ones most suited to your needs, and how to use them most effectively. We work with exceptional researchers within universities and private companies around the world to develop natural products that use microorganisms and natural plant chemicals to manage insect pests, reducing the use of synthetic pesticides that can be harmful to people and the planet. If you are looking to collaborate to innovate, then look no further – Bionema can help! As well as developing novel products, Bionema supports researchers, developers and manufacturers of biopesticide products with: - Strain identification, selection and improvement - Production, formulation and application - Analytical and R&D solutions - Quality assessment of biological products - Supporting registration of biocontrol agents - Product efficacy testing - Knowledge transfer Bionema is based in Swansea University with a highly experienced team and access to well-equipped GEP accredited laboratories.

Ansari Minshad Ali Dr

Founded 2012



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Swansea, United Kingdom (UK), De La Beche Street