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Logistics software that moves you


We create breakthrough supply chain software which delivers a total human-centred user experience. The Bitergo Warehouse Star is our starting point to kick off our strategic roadmap towards our vision - the development of our digital End-to-End supply chain logistics ecosystem. The Business Apps Collection "Warehouse Star" allows for efficient & agile processes – and is a game changer in Warehouse Management. We are at the starting point to extend an extensive network of partners, experts, industries and employees which deliver value to all participants. Our Vision Creating a digital logistics ecosystem which connects the dots within End-to-End Supply Chains for delivering value to all participants and ensuring the best sustainability. Our Mission We deliver value and a total experience for our customers, partners, and employees. We make supply chains agile, digital, resilient and sustainable. We are first in creating intuitive SaaS solutions for warehouse logistics and supply chain execution which are loved by the users. Our core values Trust commitment - being honest Growth is built on trust. And trust is built on visibility. We are responsible for our actions. We listen and learn to understand the other person's perspective. We keep our commitments and lead with empathy and integrity. We create a trusting, motivating and agile environment in which our employees can contribute their knowledge and skills. Customer care - being close We listen to the voice of our customers by understanding the diverse requirements and behaviour of individual customer personas. We put the customer at the centre of every decision we make as a company. To deliver transformative outcomes we use the full power of our network and our expertise in logistics and technology. Valuable innovation - being first Our open mindset and constant curiosity empower us to look beyond the horizon and continuously improve the status quo to help our logistics ecosystem succeed.

Founded 2013



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Dortmund, Germany