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Blue Sapphire brings over 15 years of technology experience in the IT Industry. Over the years, Blue Sapphire has gained a deep understanding of the Industry, a Strong Technical background, and the ability to give a fast turnaround time for the software projects we do for our clients in India and abroad. We are a group of result-driven individuals, committed to continually providing co-sourcing support so that you have the twin advantage of a location-transparent, local execution feel, at minimal cost! Since Blue Sapphire's inception in late 1996, it has been focusing on Information Technology. It has been providing Software Training, Software Development, web development, and Back Office Operation solutions to domestic and overseas clients. Blue Sapphire is fully equipped with the knowledge, technology, and scalable capacity for Training, Software Development, and other services at the lowest cost, and highest quality and speed. Most importantly we can deliver you a clear and quantifiable proposition and Return on Investment. Industries We Served : -Manufacturing Industry - Power/Energy - Chemicals - Consulting/Service Industry - Pharmaceuticals - Automation/Robotics/Electronics - Textiles - Apparels - Automobiles - Engineering/Fabrications/Machines Tools - Metals/Alloys - Real Estate/Construction - Agricultural - Education - Dealers/Traders/Distributors

Founded 1996



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