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Because Life's Not A Rehearsal


WHAT I DO: I help ambitious founders scale their company quickly to seven figures, by developing the mindset of the top 1% of entrepreneurs WHO I WORK WITH: I provide mentoring and coaching for: • Founders • Business Owners • Entrepreneurs WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I’m a serial entrepreneur and certified Business Development Consultant and certified Success Coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. During my 21 year entrepreneurial journey, I’ve built several multi-million-pound companies. I’ve sold or franchised a few businesses along the way (including one for 7 figures). I scaled the last company I founded to a valuation of £30Million. But I've also made mistakes and learned some painful lessons along the way. I’ve worked hard to discover what works and what doesn’t. And I now know what it takes to scale a company successfully. Most people think you will need to work long hours and make many personal sacrifices. I used to think the same way. But, despite what is commonly believed, I’ve discovered the opposite to be true: building a successful company can be a lot easier than you think. In fact, the actual work you do is responsible for just 20% of your success and 80% is attributable to your mindset. And, if you want to scale your business to 7 figures quickly, you must learn to think like the top 1% of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. This discovery is the foundation of my coaching. When you implement my methods, you’ll find (amongst other things): • Instead of feeling frustrated at the speed your company is growing you will be able to acquire more customers quickly and exceed your targets • Instead of slashing your salary to help the company grow faster, you will be able to pay yourself what you deserve • Rather than working 60 hour+ weeks leaving you exhausted, with no quality time with your family, you will be able to earn more, whilst working shorter hours • Instead of procrastinating and putting off those things you

Founded 2008



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