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We are a team of iOS, Android, Hardware & Firmware and Web developers having extensive experience of 8 year in Mobile apps, NRF chipset Hardware/Firmware, website development and 5 year in Bluetooth based applications that communicate over hardware Bluetooth (Classic & BLE) devices. Website:- https://www.bluepixeltech.com Android + iOS - Android / iOS Mobile App development - Bluetooth Classic & BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) App development - iBeacon/Beacon Application development - Eddystone App development - IoT based App development - NFC, RFID, QR Code based App development - Bluetooth (Classic/BLE) consultancy - Proximity Marketing Solution - Beacon Management Dashboard - Android & Apple Watch Apps - Wearable Device Development - Bluetooth SDK and API development Hardware & Firmware Firmware : - Microcontrollers (8/16/32 bit) - Wireless Connectivity Solutions ( BLE, BT5, Mesh, LoRA, IrDA, CIR, RF, Zigbee) - Motion Processing (IMU Sensor Based) And Motion Algorithms. - Motor Control (BLDC, PMSM, Stepper) - Wired connectivity (RS485, Modbus, CAN) - HMI Solution (TFT + Cap touch ) - Smart watch (having heart rate, ecg, GPS, motion sensor 9 axis, body moisture, body temperature) - Asset management. (Milk carton management, local beacons tracking, employee attendance management) - GSM-BLE hub for asset tracking - Smart Lock Hardware : - Layout of complex printed circuit boards including Digital, Analog & Mixed Signal technology. - Managing and Designing PCB designs range from 2-10 layers with flat & hierarchical schematics. - Responsible for complete documentation package including BOM, layout, fabrication & assembly drawings. - Work directly with PCB fabricators on technical questions and fabrication issues. Website Development (PHP) - Magento 1.x, Magento 2.x (beginner), Wordpress - Yii/Yii2, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Laravel (beginner) - Restful Secure APIs, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Payment gateway integration, third party APIs integration, - MySql

Founded 2015



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Ahmedabad, India