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Want more business in Manchester? Message the leading networking group in Manchester and leading 10% in the UK 🇬🇧


CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD DOES BUSINESS BNI is the most successful referral based networking organisation ! With over 10,000 chapters worldwide and 270,000 members, it generates over £16 billion pounds worth of invoiced business for its members. It’s safe to say that being part of BNI is a key element of building a successful business. Alchemy is Manchester’s number 1 chapter with 40+ members, generating over £3 million pounds of invoiced business between its members each year. We work as a team, supporting members by introducing dream referrals that would otherwise be just that – a dream! WHAT WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE? Alchemy now has 10,000 business groups operating online via virtual meetings and now, have returned to in person meetings.. Our team at Alchemy is very much a community and it’s never been stronger. With over 500 years of combined business experience between us, we are forging the way in how to do business differently in very uncertain times. Come and visit us at Northenden Golf Club to see if your business would benefit. We’ll see you soon !

Founded 2014



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Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

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