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High Quality Cyber Security Consultancy / DevSecOps / Cloud and Inf Security / AppSec / CREST: Pen Testing & VA


Bramfitt Technology Labs was created to provide a new way of delivering technical cyber security. Having experienced software development and cyber security at corporate levels we realised that the industry was only reacting to the emerging cyber security threats. We wanted to get to the heart of the problem in a proactive and effective way. Solving the problem from the source …. Code! Today our methodology is well received as the way application security should be done. Staying at the forefront of securing technology. We provide cyber assurance to organisations and their most important and critical assets. This is achieved whilst providing un-paralleled partnership, world class cyber expertise and effective team work. This enables us to transform how cyber security is embedded into the fast-paced world of large enterprises. Ensuring that security experts are a standard edition to any technology project.

Founded 2014



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London, United Kingdom (UK)

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