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Helping major global brands reach their growth potential through Innovation and Communication development


As a consultant led innovation and qualitative research agency, we use a unique approach, to unlock real human global connections. Technology, skills and experience are used to decode these insights and turn them into actions. Accelerate your brand growth with some of the finest minds in brand development – our carefully built team with broad sector and market experience Access the world in depth, at speed and in many different creative ways – using our platform- to give you real feedback – real participants, real answers, not a fixed community. • It’s super-fast – with no compromise to quality • Gives you 8 times more input/output so you can explore more, earlier, deeper • Unrestricted recruitment – creative mixes, anyone anywhere • Global Consistency – 30 Markets, 24 languages and rising all the time • Deep and evidential – significant learnings, ideas and evidence Connect and work with any participants anywhere in the world • Consumers – any social level, any attitude any where • Shapers – social influencers and trend setters • Provocateurs – evangelists, rejecters, early adopters • Clients – your colleagues, multi department, multi market • Specialists – global experts in any topic • Creatives – an endless pool of creatives and hackers worldwide Specialisms include: Innovation, Communication, Qualitative research, Global project management, Respondent recruitment, Full creative team. Contact us now to see how we can help you unlock your brands potential and get you FURTHER, FASTER than any other agency:

Founded 1999




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