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Maximising Training Performance. The only training management software you’ll ever need.


Bud Systems is pioneering the use of technology to transform delivery of apprenticeships and vocational training. By combining 30 years of apprenticeship expertise with outstanding software development talent, the Bud platform was created. Bud was built to meet the demands of the Apprenticeship Levy and apprenticeship Standards. In 2020 it was adapted to service delivery of all training courses funded by the AEB, Advanced Learner Loans, ESF and commercial. Bud’s functionality focuses on three core areas of training delivery: LEARNING Maximising engagement - learners can access their learning plan at any time, on any device Demonstrating progress - measure start point at enrolment, track progress, demonstrate distance travelled and recognise readiness for EPA Enabling learning - give learners control to progress, submit and complete activities at their own pace MANAGING Driving consistency - unique workflows drive best-practice for every action Powering BI - capture data from every learner daily, store it in data warehouse, view via reporting tool Ensuring quality training - predefined programmes define core curriculum showing ‘Intent, Implementation and Impact’ FUNDING Reducing administration - automatically generate ILR at enrolment, minimise error, improve data accuracy Driving compliance - automatically collate evidence of every interaction and learning experience, including ALS Digital enrolment - remote or face to face ID checking and tri-party digital signatures automatically recorded The Bud platform continues to evolve responding to changes in industry regulations and emerging best practice guidance. Bud allows providers to deliver high quality teaching and learning whilst achieving continuous growth. We aim to 'embed a security first' culture and are proud that Bud is ISO 27001 accredited. Bud also has Cyber Essentials Plus certification - only given to those whose security systems have passed vulnerability tests undertaken by cyber experts.

Frankham Heather

Founded 2016


Private limited Company


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