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Mobile care coordination platform that automates and digitizes pre-and post-operative care pathways.


For hospitals and clinics that aim to digitise their operations, BuddyCare is a mobile care coordination platform that automates patient pathway coordination. PATIENT EDUCATION - DATA COLLECTION - CARE COORDINATION - ANALYSIS Buddy Healthcare is on a mission to transform care coordination in hospitals and clinics by making care accessible and measurable for everyone, everywhere and anytime. BuddyCare App for Patients The BuddyCare App provides patients with all the information they need to navigate throughout the care process. It automates the workflow, communication, instructions, forms, and reminders so that patients are always aware of the next steps on the care path. The app is customised based on the care provider's needs so that it's always perfectly in-line with the patient processes and workflows. A white-label application is available with rapid delivery time for those care providers, who wish to have their own branded application. BuddyCare Dashboard for Care Personnel Through the BuddyCare Dashboard, care personnel has real-time visibility over patients’ preparation and recovery activities. The tool is used to collect, analyse and visualise patient data, which allows care personnel to focus on those patients most in need of attention. The system also uses data analytics to early predict risks for surgery no shows, and to find evidence-based best practices for patient pathways to improve the quality of care. Buddy Healthcare is a young Finland-originated company with a vision to transform pre and post-operative care. Visit our website https://www.buddyhealthcare.com/en/ or book a free online meeting with our expert.

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