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With Budgets, keeping track of your spending is easy. You can get set up with budgets in just a few minutes. Select your categories, add your financial accounts, and start sorting! Key Principles of Budgets: - Plan your money Setup your budgets so that every penny has a place. - Sort transactions By sorting your transactions, you’ll know exactly where your money is going. - Pay yourself first Your savings goals are put first, so if you stay within budget you will hit all of your goals too. Future you will thank you. Stay in the green! Life happens and your spending can change from month to month. We provide the tools to help you can stay out of debt and in the green. Key Features of Budgets: - Setup your budgets in no time at all Just select which budgeting categories fit with your life. Your budgets will be ready for you to setup and sort transactions into. It’s easy to get started and you can always adjust your budgets as needed. - Automatically sync with your bank Add your financial accounts to automatically sync your transactions. You can quickly sort your transactions into budgets on the sort page. - Keep track of your money Every budget you create has a balance. Any leftover or overspent balance will carry over to the next month. This way you never lose track of a single penny! - Transfer balance between budgets Accidentally overspend in a budget this month? Or have more money in a budget than you need? No problem, you can easily transfer some of your balance to another budget. - Budget anywhere Budgets can be accessed as a phone app or through the web. So whether you are at home or on the go, your budgets will be right there with you. - Your data is secure Your data is encrypted with the latest security techniques. - And much more

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