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We are bunq, bank of The Free. We're here to create a bank that helps our users save time, money and the environment.


We are bunq, bank of The Free. We’re here to break free from the status quo, and create a bank with our users in mind. Giving them the freedom to live life on their own terms. We built our own financial system from the ground up, and with the launch of our app in 2015, reinvented banking as you know it. And that’s just the beginning! We work around the clock to create fintech innovations that simply make banking and money management as easy, transparent, and fun as possible. Have a business? bunq Business was created as the ultimate bank account to save you time. This means no more paperwork, branch visits or bureaucracy ever again. Just the freedom to focus on what’s truly important: running your business. Go to bunq.com/business and find out how we can help your business thrive. Want to join us in our mission to revolutionise the traditional banking industry? You will become part of an international team of more than 400 bunqers (48 nationalities and counting!) that all have one thing in common: we love what we do. Waking up with brilliant ideas and going to bed knowing that you’ve personally contributed to them. That’s working at bunq. If that sounds like your kind of challenge, go to bunq.com/jobs get the ball rolling.

Founded 2012



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