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Leading the next materials leap in quantum computing


C12 is building reliable quantum computers. The company is a spin-off from ENS launched in January 2020 by twin brothers Matthieu and Pierre Desjardins to supercharge the development of the lab’s promising new quantum technology. Quantum computing has the potential to change our lives. But frequent errors limit the technology’s viability. We are tackling the fundamental issue: the nature of the hardware itself. We are tapping into the simplest material–carbon–to drive a technological breakthrough in the field. Unlike other quantum computers, we use carbon nanotubes as the fundamental building block of our processor. By combining the power of an ultra-pure material with an easy-to-manufacture semiconductor device, we are building a scalable platform for quantum computing. Our executive co-founders bring a unique combination of scientific excellence and business skills to the company. Our team is made up of the world’s most accomplished experts in quantum electronics and carbon nanotube science. Our scientific advisors are renowned scientists and pioneers in spin qubits: Dr. Takis Kontos, Dr. Matthieu Delbecq and Dr. Jérémie Viennot. In June 2021, C12 secured a $10 million seed round with funding from 360 Capital, Bpifrance (Digital Venture Fund), Airbus Ventures, BNP Paribas Développement, and Octave Klaba (OVHcloud), and additional grants from Bpifrance and the Ile-de-France Region. We are leading quantum’s next material breakthrough, and we are just getting started. Silicon enabled the emergence of classical computing – it’s time for carbon to do the same for quantum !

Founded 2020



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