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With a love for technology and the vision to offer businesses a stable software foundation, CentraLogic was established in 2010 by two prolific and experienced individual – Mr. Ajay Navgale and Mr. Sanjay Navgale. Their keen business insights and forward thinking have placed CentraLogic at the forefront of the evolving technologies and one-step ahead of their competition. Owing to this, they have been able to successfully provide the best application development services to diverse clientele in different industry verticals. CentraLogic has, over the years, provided bespoke application and software solutions to many small and medium-sized businesses. They have a dedicated in-house team of technical experts who keep up with the pace of modern technology to offer innovative and bespoke solutions that are tailored to suit the client’s business objectives. As a thriving software development company, CentraLogic has a growing business presence with offices in India (Mumbai and Pune) and London and they constantly challenge themselves to provide superior and proactive development services that’ll help boost their client’s business to newer heights.

Founded 2010



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Mumbai, British Indian Ocean Territory

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