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The Next Generation Software Engineering Intelligence tool. Give code an intelligent voice.


CodeScene differs from traditional code analysis tools. In fact, CodeScene was created as a reaction and complement to traditional static code analysis. The main difference between CodeScene’s behavioral code analysis and traditional code scanning techniques is that static analysis works on a snapshot of the codebase while CodeScene considers the temporal dimension and evolution of the whole system. This makes it possible for CodeScene to prioritize technical debt and code quality issues based on how the organization actually works with the code. If you have ever seen a software project spiral out of control, you will recognize the telltale signs: a mountain of technical debt is accumulated, deadlines fly by as the development organization scrambles to get that critical feature in, and management experiences a constant shortage of programmers, no matter how many more people we hire. CodeScene enables you to identify and focus on the work that matters most and helps organizations by providing clear feedback loops and unique insights into the evolution of a software system with easy to understand insights and reports that help you with great decision-making. Intended for managers, executives, software architects, technical leaders, testers, and development teams. Would you like to detect and prioritize technical debt at an early stage? Would you like to visualize the valuable impact of your latest commit? Would you like to get insight about needed programming language for a new position in your development team? Given a large codebase or a legacy system, all potential problems cannot – and should not – be addressed at once. Instead, we would like to prioritize improving the parts of the codebase that will bring the biggest and fastest benefits to your organization.

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