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Interactive Creative Development Agency


 Cofa Media is the leader in specialized, Interactive Design, Development & Strategy for both web and mobile applications in San Diego and Southern California. Cofa clients are part of multiple verticals, from medical to action sports, at the same time span throughout the world.  Cofa Media’s global team adopts a “whol-istic” approach to Web Design and is based on balancing user-centered design and feedback with our own unique principals of branding, strategy and social media marketing. Unlike most web design companies, Cofa Media works closely with our internet marketing and SEO specialists to create web sites that are both attractive and user-friendly while being designed specifically as a proactive tool for any business. It is our belief that a company’s website should be its biggest asset, and it is our number one goal to make that the case for you. We believe that our strategy, and above all our team, makes us the number one choice in San Diego web design.COFA stands for Creators of Functional Art & Interactive Media, with the onus placed firmly on “functional” and “interactive.” We produce site designs that are simple to use, while maintaining a certain flair and exuberance that cannot be found anywhere else. These clients certainly agree.  



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