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Connecting executive leaders in Housing and unlocking C-Suite knowledge for all


Connex is the leading networking organisation for executive leaders in the affordable housing sector. Through facilitated peer group learning, cross-sector knowledge sharing, and ongoing collaboration, our inclusive networks foster and promote leadership excellence that elevates companies, drives up performance, and encourages sustainable growth. Organisations join our networks because they want their executives to widen their network and connect with peers in a trusted environment, delivering tangible personal and professional results. By leveraging our unique approach and tools, leaders can diversify their thinking, maximise their impact, and overcome obstacles that are holding back their individual or organisational development. Connex supports executives and organisations to develop and succeed by improving the focus, quality, and impact of the conversations necessary to react to upcoming opportunities and threats. Our events provide fresh perspectives to focus and adjust strategic priorities, and bring about the big decisions and changes executives need to make to take their organisations and teams to the next level.



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