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Global pioneer in Crypto Payment solutions IRL, empowering the #Snackers Community with the $SNACK utility token.


Founded in 2021, Crypto Snack is based in Estonia with offices around Europe. Crypto Snack believes the future of payments will be with digital currencies, and in this sense is growing as a global pioneer in cryptocurrency payment solutions for real life businesses. SNACK is a transparent, community-focused utility token, connecting the digital and real worlds. SNACK token is accepted as a method of payment for more than 800 businesses online. SNACK holders enjoy the cheapest and fastest transactions in the crypto eCommerce and iGaming network. The SNACK community’s purpose is to bring the benefits of decentralized finance into everyday transactions, allowing a smooth and effective process. This vision includes environmental sustainability goals included in our tokenomics plans, aimed at making the project carbon-neutral and in future carbon-negative. All along our roadmap we are constantly building key partnerships with strong, established brands like CoinsPaid, RCD Espanyol, BSC News, FinchTrade, BGaming, GBTC, that share our vision and add new utilities to the SNACK token. CONTRACT: 0x86accc2580da5bd522a0eec7c881a0d4f33de657 Token Type: BEP20 Network: BINANCE SMART CHAIN (BSC) Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 Token Distribution: 70% Public Sale 10% Green Energy projects 10% Founders & Team (Lock Up) 5% Rewards & Ecosystem 5% Advisors and Partnership

Founded 2021



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