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The social network that allows you to surprise and be surprised at the right time. Cuckuu is an iOS and android free mobile app for content creators that want to share their next post, to the boyfriend that wants to wake up with his girlfriend everyday in a unique and fun way and even for those that want to leave a message to the ones they love on that special day. For us, everything people want to share is like a Christmas present: we allow them to choose a specific moment in time when they want to share it with the world or that special one(s) and people will know it’s there, and when it will happen, but will never know what is inside until the right time. Unlike any other social network, anticipation is the key that cuckuu uses to turn trivial moments into something that people will never forget, by making sure the experience is shared by everyone at the same time. Furthermore, by using photos, videos or links, we can make every ring a new experience that will surprise you and connect you to the life of others at the right time. Life should be an adventure everyday, it should make you smile, it should be something that makes you excited about the next day; we make sure you never miss out on anything that is important to you and we make it fun. All around the world there are people that can surprise you, so let yourself be surprised and surprise others.

Founded 2014



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Lisbon, Portugal