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Animation and CGI illustration for corporate usage. Product videos, mascot characters, training materials, architectural


UK studio 3D animation production. This 3D animation company does render scenes of architectural visualization showing architects' plan renderings, full 3D architectural renderings and architectural animation. The rendering of 3D walkthrough graphics and architectural visualisations are a passion. PowerPoint 3D, ppt 3D and 3D PowerPoint addons are a staple of our 3D animations output. Combining slick PowerPoint presentation with the visual impact of an embedded 3D graphic animation e.g. a virtual product visualization or an eye-catching 3D logo animation. Interactive CDrom production is a speciality as is kiosk development producing 3D Rom designer CD rom presentations for both marketing and training. We're grounded in Science and Engineering which combining CGI 3D animation 3D studio skills makes us a prime candidate for the production of your 3D medical animation or 3D Scientific subject for a 3D animation university department. Our 3d animated assembly presentations and 3D Cutaway diagrams in the technical illustration cutaway style work well as explanatory and marketing material. Also car render automotive illustrations with legal reconstruction 3D car crash animations. Supplying 3D animation London area and 3D Manchester 3D renders and worldwide. Character animation 3D style is our obsession. Of all the 3D animations produced we love our opengl character animation, lightwave 3d character animation, studio 3d animation or Maya 3D character rigging work.

Founded 1999




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Holden, United Kingdom (UK)

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