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Datawiz.io is an enterprise software company that provides online services for data analytics. We automate the process of analysis: receipts, sales and loyalty program data. Datawiz.io provides services for merchandising and marketing professionals, providing science-based pricing, defining key-driven products, product layout, and promotion modeling to allow companies to increase their profit. Our solutions are applied in the retail industry, FMCG, grocery, drug stores and restaurant business. BI Datawiz was created to format analytics in shops, product categories and products. It helps to: - optimize assortment; - manage pricing policy; - plan marketing activities; - determine typical model of clients behavior. Datawiz Builder allows users to create customized dashboards for all business processes of whole chain stores. PlanoHero is a platform for automatization and analysis of planogram processes in retail: from store plans creation to layout control by using photo reports. Uchoose provides products that help retailers create their own delivery applications and work with analytics. The company brings together people who love to create, work with data and develop their skills. We appreciate kind, friendly people who are open to the world, have a good sense of humor and a simple attitude towards life. We are always happy to see new talents that will kickstart our products, create new ones and strengthen our ranks. In our company, you can grow, make friends, realize your ambitions and create a product that makes the life of a business easier.

Founded 2016



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Chernivtsi, Ukraine