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dgenious is the Retail Business Monitoring Platform. Animate your Distribution Network in Real Time thanks to AI.


A network of points of sale is complex by nature. Different points of sale, some managed by the company itself and others franchised, different computer systems, many users with different profiles and needs. And of course a lot of data generated every day. dgenious is the Business Monitoring Platform to enable retail managers to manage their physical and online point of sales dynamically and in real time. Thanks to degnious, retail managers are where the business is done! In Real Time, they know which customer, when was his last visit, what did he buy this time compared to the last time? At what price? What am I going to sell him next time knowing that this week the best selling product is this one? Analyze your franchises, points of sale, campaigns, launches, stock, consumers… Juggle with your data. Create, modify, adapt and share your reports on demand, easily and quickly. In real time, without any special IT knowledge. dgenious reconciles data from your different systems in real time (cash register, stock, erp, crm,...) and makes it available on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer dgenious has an advanced technology for managing permissions and authentication. It allows you to build permission profiles by mixing and matching various sources at will (AD/ldap, ERP, different POS systems, manual management of some users, …). With this system, a franchisee only sees the sales and stock data of his points of sale, whereas a logistics manager can see orders and stock data for an entire country but has no access to sales or commercial conditions. A network manager or product manager can prepare a report and share it with categories of users (all franchisees and all logistics managers) and is assured that everyone will only have access to the appropriate scope of data. - Available in 1 month - Use case retail included - Self-service mode included - between 50€ and 150€*/month/location - # unlimited users - no code, no IT knowledge required - Dedicated app

Founded 2014




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