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Why? -To help people in need even if they do not know they have one. Such would, for example, be the case if you were to need a break from working home alone, but you do not want to go to an office, or if you are happy at home but at the same time you miss working next to others. To improve your work-life balance by working near home and avoiding the commute -To help entrepreneurs and business owners by making new connections using LinkedIn and other professional platforms, growing their network, collaborating, and learning with like-minded people. -To reinforce the bonds of the different communities and breathe life into neighbourhoods. Who? -SOLE TRADERS: who benefit from collaborating and sharing ideas -PARENTS: who will have more time to spend with their children just by skipping long commutes, or those parents in need to get away from the household when the kids are home, or those who want to share childcare with other people in the same situation -BUSINESSES: Hybrid working is here to stay; by linking their staff with like-minded people through the DODO app, it gives the opportunity for all to find the best place to work when not in the office. -STUDENTS: with limited physical space and limited budgets. Any other person that might have limited space to work from home or, on the opposite side, those with plenty of space willing to share it. What? -A Digital Platform that supports the new world´s Hybrid Working. -A Sharing Platform in order to forge new communities of like-minded people. -A Network of spaces to help bringing into balance work and life -The Future of this world that has recently changed in many ways.



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