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Career Development Coaching - Recruitment Coaching - Webinars and Sessions


I support clients five main ways: ⭐ Private recruitment coaching - helping individuals work out what is important to them in their career and where their strengths lie, then making a plan to land their ideal next role including getting a great CV and LinkedIn profile, networking, interacting with head-hunters, perfecting a brilliant elevator pitch, interview practice and feedback, through to transitioning into the role. ⭐ Corporate career development coaching - where organisations engage me to support one or more of their leaders who are developing or transitioning in their role, often stepping up and leading former colleagues or preparing for the next level. ⭐ Corporate group sessions - either in person or online – interactive workshops covering a range of career development topics including increasing your visibility and networking, harnessing your collective strengths for team success, using LinkedIn to raise awareness of your organisation and more. ⭐ Speaking engagements on a range of topics including: 'Why it makes business sense to nurture your Network', '12 Ways to effectively take charge of your career', and ‘Learn to Love LinkedIn’ ⭐ Work for other fabulous development organisations including The Pipeline, Protégé - BusinessMentoring and WHEN: Women's Higher Education Network who are all passionate about developing diverse organisations at all levels. To learn more visit https://www.ellierichpoole.com For any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch: ellie@ellierichpoole.com Follow #TheRecruitmentCoach for regular updates

Founded 2016




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