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Equal Employer helps employers block bias in hiring, appoint the best available person and certifies them as an Equal Employer for doing so. Our software audits organisations that use our applicant tracking system (ATS) to block bias. Our ATS guides, schedules and manages an organisations hiring and promotion processes saving them time and money. We keep the human element in promotion and hiring decisions, whilst removing bias through robust standards that are monitored, and audited in our user-friendly mobile and web application. Our process allows everyone an equal opportunity at every decision making junction, to ensure that organisations recruit the most suitable, and successful candidates for their businesses. Once equal and ethical recruitment is achieved, we reward organisations with our certified Equal Employer certification. The outcomes: + Performance improvement within an organisation + Demonstrable cost saving efficiencies + Kudos for commitment to DE&I resulting in great ESG + Increased Employee retention + A better candidate experience + Contributing to an equal society We have the tools if you have the ambition. Let's change the world together!

Founded 2021




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