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We are the first property management company that delivers what it promises: personal, reliable & customer-oriented


Tenants and owners founded Erste Hausverwaltung with the goal of making property management new, digital and modern from the customer's point of view. When managing apartments and working directly with you as a customer or tenant, we focus on personal service and digital working methods. This means that help is available to you exactly when you need it. We promise to be a reliable partner in taking care of your property and tenant as quickly as possible with proactive solutions. In contrast to fully digital management, our experience has shown that it is essential that our team is based in your region and can be on-site in person when problems arise. Our employees are aware of their responsibility to maintain the value of your property in the long term, but at the same time not to neglect the well-being of the residents. In the meantime, our dedicated team of over 40 employees looks after more than 6,000 rental and owner-occupied apartments in the Cologne-Düsseldorf region and the Bergisches Land. Our services As a residential property management company, we specialize in the technical, economic, and legal management of rental and owner-occupied apartments. In addition to recording damages or defects, we also take care of the search and commissioning of janitors, gardeners, winter services, and, above all, craftsmen and technical specialists. We are also familiar with warranty issues in new construction. In detail, we look after - WEGs (WEG administration) - Rented flats/houses (rental management) - Condominiums (SE management) Together with you as the owner, we plan maintenance and modernization work that will secure or even increase the value of your property in the long term. In addition to management, we also support you in selling or re-letting your apartments.

Founded 2021



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Cologne, Germany