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Etix Everywhere is a leading provider of data center services offering best-in-class uptime availability of data, applications, and infrastructure. Through its global network of data centers across Europe and South-East-Asia, Etix Everywhere serves both small and large organizations, government institutions as well as Cloud and IT providers. Our aim is to bring the service close to the customer. In that way, we are developing secure, scalable and interconnected data centers close to the city center to offer our +400 customers access to the main peering points and global coverage with a wide range of added value services provided by our IT Partners. As a major player in the data center industry, we have a key role to play in making data green and achieve our goal to make our data centers carbon neutral by 2030 (commitment we took as part of the Climate Neutral DC Pact - https://www.climateneutraldatacentre.net). To reach that target, our technical teams are constantly working on the 3 following fields: 1. To improve our PUE and WUE to have the most efficient facility possible as the most sustainable energy is the one you don’t use. 2. To feed our data center with green energy (wind, solar, biomass solutions). 3. To recycle to the local community the heat generated by IT servers. Our teams are driven by curiosity, diversity, happiness, and innovation. Those cultural values follow us every day with our Partners and Customers. We are looking for talented people who want to develop their expertise and grow as a person in one of the most promising economic sectors. For Etix Everywhere media inquiries, please contact: marketing@etixeverywhere.com

Founded 2012



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