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Established in 1993, Europteam Consultants are long standing market leaders in Recruitment services to the shipbuilding, offshore, engineering and production industries. •We have built long standing relationships with some of Europe's major companies in the marine, offshore and more recently production industries. We have supported several major companies continuously for more than 10 years due to the quality of the candidates we provide together with a professional ethical attitude towards the administration of the contracts. •Europteam's clients are major companies throughout Europe including the UK, Holland, France, Germany, Spain and Finland. •Our consultancy shares 30 years of shipbuilding and offshore engineering experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of project engineering for these industries and therefore we are able to discuss job descriptions, at an optimum engineering level. As a result we always provide candidates whose experience is matched to the clients job descriptions. •We provide a specialist CV Consultancy Service. Our expertise maximises candidate's skills in order to match individual strengths to client requirements. •Integral to Europteam is the provision of a comprehensive multi-lingual service from our consultants, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Cantonese .




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