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The Digital Corporate Health Promotion Program based on scientific evidence


Fitpuli is an expert of workplace wellbeing. We make workplaces healthier - and by that we save companies serious money. Because workplace wellbeing is not nice-to-have, it's must-have. Our principle is that we should consider health in the light of lifestyle and for that we offer a sustainable, scalable and measurable solution. Our main tools are: - Health Map for assessing the employees’ lifestyle - Fitpuli application for monitoring physical and mental health and lifestyle data - Health modules for building healthy habits - Teambuilding via community challenges Why does investing in workplace wellbeing worth it? - It’s quantifiable - Every effort made towards employee health and wellbeing symbolizes how valuable employees are for the company, and employees who feel valued are more content, more committed, more motivated and more productive. - Small and big companies are in the same race for recruiting the best employees, health benefits can be a huge advantage. - Workplace wellbeing programmes also help building a stronger community. Why Fitpuli? - The leaders of Fitpuli are health professionals, our health modules are built on scientific evidence. - Fitpuli app works on any smartphone, needs no special device, but works with basically every commercially available wearables. - Our community challenges and health modules require no professional equipment or preparation – this makes it easier to involve employees. - We offer different subscriptions for different needs, from occupation healthcare to a complete digital health programme or health insurance. Workplace wellbeing – physical and menta las well – is a value, let’s talk about it!

Founded 2017



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Budapest, Hungary