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We are a vertical SaaS company that helps gym owners increase revenue by improving engagement and increasing retention at their centers. Our ecosystem comprises of following products: 1. Software Products: a. FitWay CRM - To track the journey of every member and help increase conversion and renewal rate to drive top line and bottom line at every center b. FitWay Member App - To help members track their progress, better engage with the brand, and have a seamless experience c. FitWay Coach App - To help trainers better manage their class, track member progress to personalize the experience, and increase revenue through personal training d. FitWay Virtual Trainer - To help gym owners upsell services by offering a personalized workout program to each member at an affordable cost 2. Hardware Products: a. Group Training System - To gamify and personalize group class workouts and drive engagement during the session b. Smart Mirror - To amplify the experience of members at the center c. Face Recognition and QR Code based Access Control - To control door lock/unlock based on the membership plan d. Smart Weight Scale - To track and analyze the body composition of every member e. Sensors for Treadmill and Spin Bikes - To track member workout data autonomously and create engagement during their workouts f. Sensor for Pin-Loaded Strength Equipment - To track member workout data autonomously and provide better analytics to end-users

Founded 2016



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