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Empowering Every Employee | The employee app changing deskless work


We are the employee app for your operational workforce. Since our founding in 2018, our mission is: Empowering Every Employee! We strive to give every employee a voice. That's why we focus on the most valuable resource in the company: your employees. Flip connects all employees - regardless of their location or language. With the most intuitive and secure employee app, we are reshaping workplace communication. How? We offer an employee app that makes it easier and faster to share information and organize, manage and schedule workflows more efficiently. With its customized design, Flip corresponds to your corporate identity, and your data is stored securely on German servers in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Act (GDPR). Flip is ideal for companies with a large number of operational employees. Numerous companies such as EDEKA, Porsche, MAHLE or McDonald's have already revolutionized their internal communication with Flip. Reshape the future with us and empower every employee.

Founded 2018



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Stuttgart, Germany