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Improving business efficiency from the inside, Flow56 custom build bespoke order management systems (OMS) for manufacturing businesses who need speed, clarity and visibility to enable a more efficient delivery for their customers. Manufacturers come to us because they’ve outgrown their internal processes which is stagnating their business growth. They’re looking to streamline their order management process, radically cut back the time it takes to process orders, eliminate costly errors and stop the constant firefighting of customer enquiries. Just the time saved from replacing outdated ordering processes with a bespoke order management system substantially increases the number of orders they can handle and boosts revenue. A bespoke order management system delivers a number of benefits: ➤ Total order management. The ability to track orders every step of the way from the moment a customer places an order to the second it arrives at their door ➤ Increased inventory oversight. Automatically update inventory stores every time an order comes in and track when you need to order more raw materials ➤ Improved order processing. All the information your team needs to work smarter and faster ➤ Improved customer experience. Real time metrics showing exactly where a customer’s order is at any stage of the process, allowing you to process orders efficiently and respond to customer queries with ease The challenge is choosing the right order management system, one that complements your business. We start by assessing in-person how your business is creating, making and delivering orders. We audit every stage of the process, the workflows and how information travels. We then use that information to design and build your order management system. This gives you the precise tools your business needs to work as efficiently as possible. Can Flow56 help your manufacturing business? Join us for a 30-minute call to see if we can help you automate your critical processes.

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