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Making a safer world. Disaster management redefined.


Disaster management redefined During a natural or industrial disaster, the biggest challenge is to keep a communication link and avoid aggravated results... Our raison d'être is to optimize crisis management before, during and after a crisis by making available all our know-how and innovations. Our mission To democratize new technologies for companies and communities in order to provide them with effective tools to manage their crisis. And for this we have combined technologies from the new space and artificial intelligence to carry out our mission. At Global Smart Rescue we are convinced that there is no more precious resource than human life. With the proliferation of disasters, whether natural, industrial or intentional, telecommunication networks are too often down at the very moment when those in danger need to communicate with help. Meeting the challenges of emergency and disaster management Our goal is to provide all the services and innovative products needed for optimized emergency management: intelligent monitoring, optimized team management, resilient two-way communication anywhere in the world and regardless of network conditions, and victim tracking.

Founded 2019



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Toulouse, France