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Hometree enables sustainable, stress-free living in the home


Hometree is a home energy services company on a mission to accelerate the transition to net zero. By fixing, installing and financing home energy hardware, we're helping homeowners transition to low-carbon living, when they’re ready. Heating is responsible for 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. If we're serious about hitting those net zero goals to mitigate the climate emergency, we need to act. The transition has already begun but it’s a mammoth task and it won’t happen overnight. We know the challenges on the table – with soaring energy costs, expensive heat pumps and home infrastructure challenges, homeowners are left with many pressing questions - which option should I choose - heat pump or hydrogen boiler? Who will install the equipment - and- how will I afford it? That's where Hometree comes in. We understand that homeowners will make the journey at their own pace - and our role is to assist them along the way. Today, we offer boiler and home emergency cover - but we’re rapidly expanding our products and services to install and finance low-carbon home energy hardware, so that we can help steer more UK homeowners to a cleaner and brighter future. Decarbonisation will transform the way we all heat our homes and this is just the start of the Hometree journey. Let's transform home energy together.

Founded 2015




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London, United Kingdom (UK)