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Cutting Edge Technology for the Global Healthcare Industry - Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians.


Infocare Healthcare is a global healthcare services company, focused on providing point of care health information and enhancing the clinician-patient experience by offering an intuitive and unique EHR to the healthcare industry. Soteria® is developed by clinicians for clinicians, easing their workload with automated functionalities and optimized clinical documentation, in all medical facilities, across primary care and specialties. It mirrors the clinician’s normal workflow and significantly improves patient care. Designed with a purpose and with clearly defined objectives, Soteria® delivers on three fronts: Improving Outcomes, Adding Value, and Reducing Costs We understand clinicians' challenges and medical providers’ journeys; by automating manual processes, we save time and increase accuracy. This efficient way of working improves patient satisfaction and reduces stress and burnout for the entire health care team. Using our certified Soteria®, you will have comprehensive clinical, financial, and administrative management capabilities. Additionally, Soteria® includes tools for patient engagement, team collaboration, and clinical reporting for optimal patient care. Transform your clinician-patient experience through our trusted technology while making a significant impact on your business’s profitability. Soteria® thinking like a clinician.

Founded 2004



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